Note: Outline follows the Agenda . The gavel fell at 7:00 PM. Dan Wojdac presided.

  1. Guests: Tim Bennett (former member of Sonoma Skypark Chapter 1268, Boeing flying club in Seattle, moving to Roseville, looking to fly a tail dragger).
  2. Announcements short business meeting; Corl Leach not present for Safety Pitch. Dan Wojdac initiated a discussion about "The Routine" ( Agenda Item IX). When a checklist routine gets interrupted items can be overlooked, which can cause a problem. The discussion was tabled until later in the meeting.
  3. Minutes: motioned for approval by Greg Duda and seconded by Duane Rueb, approved by vote. Comments that members did not receive minutes were made, and they were not on the website. There was a misspelled word.
  4. Treasurers Report: Milton Ciarlariello reported a momentous evening because Auburn Airplane Works (Mike Haisten) donated $1500 to the Young Eagles program, from the sale of junked scrap metal Nasa parts from Milts hangar. After three years of research and contacting Mike determined they were special J-85 engine parts, and found buyers for some of the parts and the remaining lot. Additionally, Milt wrote a check to the Ca. Pilots Assoc.;PGE is paid (hangar uses 31KWH/mo.): there’s about $3,200 in checking; and $1,287 held in escrow for hangar (HOA) fees; and our net worth is $60,000 +.
  5. Golden West Fly-In Report (moved up from item VII): Jim Booth from Marysville proposed an competition whereby 5 or 6 local EAA Chapters would fly-in Sunday June 10, each with 5 or 6 homebuilt aircraft to show with a possible chance to win $250 for their Chapter.
  6. Project Status Reports: (members willing to loan tools and equipment are encouraged to contact the website manager and add to the chapter list)
    1. Marty Maisel/ Cavalier: working on wheel pants
    2. Larry Bontrager/RV-4: little progress
    3. Eric Sweeney/Moni Motor Glider: Mike H. reported about 25 hours on it now
    4. Brent Smith/Mini Imp: bought parts
    5. Brent Smith & Peter Requa / Space Jumper: sold Jabiru engine and setting Subaru engine, replumbing fuel system and radiator; needs a large tubing bender
    6. Dick Rupe/ Escapade: test hopping it tomorrow
    7. John Howard/ Zenith 750: absent
    8. Jack Prock/ Velocity: working on second wing (south Auburn)
    9. Ev Young/Storch & Thatcher CX4: Thatcher on back burner; Storch engine injectors getting close
    10. Brad Hawley/ Auto Gyro: ordered radiator and exhaust
    11. Nick Suciu/ Sky Arrow no progress
    12. Walter Caton/Annual on Chief: doing well, looking for a partner
    13. Bruce Dodds/Chief: did not run well, completed annual; concerned about future of avgas and using autogas in aircraft. Duane Rube mentioned difficulty to get answers about using alternate fuels in different engines. Dan W. mentioned possible law suit to ban all leaded fuels, the different Octanes required by different aircraft, and filtering fuels.
  7. Membership Report: Peter Requa 109 members; 48 still owe dues.
  8. Announcements:
    1. Golden West Flyin Don VanSant: planning meeting this Saturday at Clinton Hangar; C130 Coast Guard, B-17 Sentimental Journey, talking to 3 B-25’s, T-6s and re-enactors Need coordinators and volunteers. See posting on website
    2. Dan Wojdac We’re looking for a new location for the Christmas party. Dingus McGees was suggested.
    3. Dan Wojdac, Program Director announced March – Bud Anderson WWII Ace on his test pilot work;; September- open;
    4. Shirts and Hats see Ivan;
    5. Patches – Greg Duda
    6. Name tags: see Bill Turpie
  9. BREAK
  10. Program: Composites Lynn Cook spoke about and passed out samples of fiberglass fabrics; Greg Duda spoke about polyester resin and Jack Prock about epoxy work. i.e. mixing, etc.
  11. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM