Note: Outline follows the Agenda . The gavel fell at 7:00 PM.

  1. Guests: Mike Hedrick, Nut Tree Airport EAA; Jim Hensin, Flight Instructor with Mach 5 Aviation; Nick Suciu from Orangevale.
  2. Minutes: motioned for approval by Greg Duda and seconded by Duane Rueb, approved by vote.
  3. Treasurers Report: As of this date, Milton Ciarlariello reported $4,467 in checking; and $1,200 held in escrow for hangar (HOA) fees. As of EOY 2011 EAA526 had $55,000 in fixed assets.
  4. Project Status Reports: (members willing to loan tools and equipment are encouraged to contact the website manager and add to the chapter list)
    1. Marty Maisel/ Cavalier: fitting wheel pants and alignment
    2. Larry Bontrager/RV-4: primed fuselage, canopy, landing gear, drilled pilots, engine 90% rebuilt- can use chapter hoist
    3. Ira Mason for Brent Smith & Peter Requa / Space Jumper adjusting cowling for Jabiru engine and prop spinner
    4. Dick Rupe/ Escapade: Installed new hoses & replaced VW engine with Rotax 912 changing to tail dragger
    5. John Howard/ Zenith 750: added struts, landing gear, flaps, tail, motor mounts and ailerons
    6. Brad Hawley/ Auto Gyro: working from plans
    7. Jack Prock/ Velocity: working on wings (south Auburn)
    8. Nick Suciu/ Sky Arrow guest report
  5. Membership Report: Pres. Bill Turpie reported 100+ members
  6. Golden West Fly-In Report: Peter Requa & Don Van Sant: B-17 Sentimental Journey will be there events will be posted on website
  7. Chapter Service Awards: Milt Ciarlariello (3), Greg Duda (1), Gary Patburg (1), Dan Wojdac (3), Dick Rupe (1), Mitch Faatz (A), Peter Requa (A), Richard Stahlman (A)
  8. 2012 Air Academy: We have been guaranteed 2 slots for Olivia Delbono and Andrew th 16 to 18 year old category. The Young Eagle (YE) program method of calculating credits for the program our Chapter earned us less than anticipated. Pilots must fly at least 10 YE for the chapter to earn credits and the credits expire after one year. As a result, Bill Turpie is trying to joint venture with other chapters to borrow their credits for our two candidates.
  9. Announcements:
    1. Lynn Cook – new Hangar Manager replacing Dick Capek: announced the addition of a "sale" table that will be displayed during meetings; asked for help to setup and store chairs and table; and recognized Duane Rueb for setting up the PA system
    2. Bill Turpie announced Mike Haisten will be 2012 BBQ and we need a back up for this year and possibly help more in 2013. Also our newsletter is discontinued. As a substitute, we are using the web-site bulletin board. The Christmas dinner was a success and we’re looking for a new location for this year’s dinner
    3. Dan Wojdac, Program Director announced tonight’s program (Impact of Bealle AFB Operations) and alternate (Corl Leach’s Safety Pitch) were cancelled; therefore Greg Duda will speak on Light Sport Aircraft. February will be Lynn Cook & Greg Duda on Composites; March – Bud Anderson WWII Ace on his test pilot work; April - Corl Leach Bealle); June – FARS; July – NorCal Approach?; August – CHP?; September- open; October –Bill Turpie, Dick Dupe and Stan Kisbey - RV-12 & Sheet metal work
    4. Tom Brady - there have been efforts by City Hall to rename the Airport and a street in the industrial park
    5. Duane Rueb, Dan Wojdac – moves to make the old green hangar a museum, but the Stearman inside will be transferred to Calavaras.
    6. Bill Turpie - Shirts and Hats see Ivan; Patches – Greg Duda; and Name tags see himself
    7. Ivan K. – AAA would like to coordinate our Young Eagle program with the Thunder in the Sky on July 7.
    8. Bill Turpie displayed Sea Ray lit literature
  10. Safety Pitch – With Corl Leach’s absence tonight, Bill Turpie led discussion regarding operations at Lincoln Airport, i.e. opposing traffic landing and taking off that he observed. Lynn Cook discussed the potential of traffic on 45 to downwind at Auburn to encounter departing and crosswind traffic. Gary Patburg emphasized the importance of situational awareness. Rocky Green spoke of the sky diving operations in close proximity to the runway at Lincoln.
  11. BREAK
  12. Program: Greg Duda spoke about light sport pilot license and aircraft maintenance requirements.
  13. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM