Note: Outline follows the Agenda . The gavel fell at 7:00 PM. Bill Turpie presided.

  1. Guests: Helmer Almas (Norway) American Eagle Pilot and glider pilot res. in Elk Grove; Danny Hall (Lincoln) new pilot; Bob Buckthall (formerly Livermore Chapter 663) built Glasair II res. in Lake Wildwood; Gerry Lammerding’s wife Barbara; Walter Caton’s wife Sally.
  2. Minutes: motioned for approval by Tom Brady and seconded by Milt C., approved by vote.
  3. Treasurers Report: Milton Ciarlariello reported there’s about $5,399 in checking; and $1,374 held in escrow for hangar (HOA) fees; and our net worth is $50,000 +. PG&E bill was paid (35 KWH/mo)
  4. Project Status Reports: (members willing to loan tools and equipment are encouraged to contact the website manager and add to the chapter list)
    1. Marty Maisel/ Cavalier: working on wheel pants
    2. Brent Smith/Mini Imp: No progress
    3. Dick Rupe/ Escapade: test hopping it tomorrow
    4. John Howard/ Zenith 750: NP
    5. Walter Caton Chief: passed annual
    6. Jack Prock/ Velocity: second wing almost complete; avionics final
    7. Brad Hawley/ Auto Gyro: wiring prop rotorhead
  5. Membership Report: Peter Requa 109 members; 31 still owe dues of $15.
  6. Golden West Fly-In Report (Don Van Sant) : All good; announced 14 April 11:00 am meeting at Clinton hangar
  7. Young Eagles (Greg Duda): First event will be April 14, then May 12, June 16, July 14, August 11. Check the new website for other dates. Bill Turpie added that there will will be a special YE event in Placerville on March 24 (Alt 31)that will conclude a ground school. They have over 50 students with 31 signed up for the flyout. They want other pilots to fly out from 9-12 am to fly YE’s to SAC to tour the tower. Dan W. added that we will probably have many kids from Georgetown for our event on April 14 and there will be kids at McClellan’s summer encampment Jun 14 & 28 and Jul 12 and Aug 9.
  8. Shirt/Hats: see Ivan K.
  9. Name Tags: see Bill T.
  10. Chapter News Announcements:
    1. Next Board meeting April 3, 6-8PM, at 526 hangar.
    2. Calavaras Fly-in/ open house April 21; breakfast lunch; music; rides & classic cars
    3. Summer premeeting BBQs run from April to October at 6PM; meetings 7-9PM. Bring your camera for the best photo contest.
    4. EAA Workshop Watsonville March 24-25.
    5. Air Academy: We have two ready candidates and are working to acquire YE credits from five other chapters to supplement the cost of $1120/student.
    6. Dan Wojdac announced our new location for the Christmas party could be Dingus McGees. There have 4 choices for entrees @ $30 PP. A hand vote indicated acceptance by the group to schedule it there the second Wed. in Dec.
    7. Jim Allen announced the Auburn Host Lions will have Ted Peterson, PT boat captain involved with the rescue of JFK, at the Tahoe Club on April 11 at 6PM call 530-823-8815 for reservations
    8. Gerry Lammerding announced a raffle next month; bring stuff
    9. Bill T. announced That Stan Kisbey will put together our competition group for the Golden West Fly-in EAA contest.
  11. Safety Program: none
  12. BREAK
  13. Program: Bud Anderson, WWII Ace and USAF test pilot spoke about a special test program in the 1950’s that involved connecting three aircraft wingtip to wingtip during flight.
  14. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM