2023 Scholarship Awards

For most of us the aviation bug hit when we were children. It could have been a plane flying overhead, going to an airshow, or that first airplane or helicopter ride. Once that passion for aviation takes hold, it tends to stick with you.
The aviation bug doesn't always mean becoming a pilot. Many people get involved with aviation as technicians, mechanics, design engineers, aerial photographers, and the list goes on.
We are very proud to help youth in our area realize their dreams and take that aviation bug, no matter what it is, to the next level. Please spend a few minutes learning more about our Chapter 526 Scholarship recipients for 2023.

Elina Bergstrom

Flight Training: After making it through the application and interview process Elina has been awared a Flight Training scholarship. Our sincere congratulations to her. The EAA Chapter 526 and Auburn Aviation Association are very excited to provide this opportunity.

Elina was introduced to flying through EAA’s Young Eagles program, and she is excited to become a private pilot. An aviation and physics enthusiast, Elina attends John Adams Academy, where she plays on the varsity soccer team. She is an active member of Civil Air Patrol through which she competed in public speaking on a local and state level.

Joshua Fox

Advanced Camp: It worked out this year that there were also ten applicatnts for the EAA Advanced Camp. From the ten applicants four were brought in for interviews. Joshua did an excellent job and was selected to attend the one-week Advanced Camp.

Joshua is very involved with Civil Air Patrol and has flown with them often in their Cessna 206T. Through this experience Joshua has become familiar with aircraft aerodynamics, flight characteristics, communications, ground handling, pre-flight and safety procedures.
Like many of our applicants, Joshua is highly self motivated, has clear well thought goals and a roadmap to achieve them. We hope to help him achieve these goals through this scholarship and the EAA Advanced Camp experience.

Mason McNeilly

Basic Camp: Ten applications were reviewed by the Chapter selection committee and four applicants were interviewed. It's always difficult to select just one, but Mason stood out from the group and was selected to attend the one-week EAA Basic Camp.

Mason has a passion for aviation with over 100 hours logged flying the Microsoft Flight Simulator and he's in the process of building his first radio controlled airplane from scratch.
Mason is highly self motivated learning everything he can about the many aspects of aviation from the various checklists, ATC comminications and extensive flight simulator experience. We were very impressed with his clear goals, research, and we hope this scholarship helps him along his path to one day, achieve a career in aviation.

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