November 19, 2022 Event Videos

Highlights Video

A Memorable Experience: This short 2 minute and 53 second video was created to highlight the magic and joy of the Young Eagles experience. Fly along during two flights with our featured volunteer pilot, Don Wolf. The Young Eagles experience is all about the kids, so please take a close look at the expression on their faces and listen to what they have to say.
For an event like this happen our pilots volunteer their planes and time, but none of this could be possible without our amazing ground personnel volunteers handling setup, registration, simulator experience, classroom training and tarmac safety.

Behind the scenes:
Mark Bateson took video shot by Steve Kendall, along with still photos by Mitch Faatz, to create/edit this highlight video using Final Cut Pro (FCPX). The soundtrack is "Imagine Anything" by Daniel Phillipson purchased at

In-Depth Look

Documentary: In this longer video with a runtime of 21 minutes, you get an in-depth look at the flight rally held November 19th, 2022. Tag along on two flights with our featured volunteer pilot Don Wolf, as he provides an introduction to the day, aircraft pre-flight, aircraft runup, inflight video and debrief.
Our volunteer pilots have as much fun as the kids but as you'll see in this video, these rallies could never be possible without our volunteer ground personnel to handle the setup, registration, simulator experience, classroom training, and tarmac safety. This is a big file - download might be slow.

Behind the scenes:
In cabin video was recorded using a GoPro Hero4 wired into the aircraft audio system. A separate audio recorder picked up ambient interior cabin noise and the exterior handheld video was shot by Steve Kendall. Steve took the hours and hours of video and created this feature video.

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